Drain Tips & Hacks


Bring it on, bacon grease

International Bacon Day

If you end up getting some bacon grease down the drain,
you can clean it up with Liquid-Plumr®.

See it in action
Get a head full of facts about busting hair clogs

How to Deal with Hair Clogs

Here’s the bad news: if your body’s got hair on it, that hair’s going into your drain.

Confront the Clogs
These aren't throwaway tips

How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

Don’t let your disposal go from laying waste to just lying there.

Keep it clear
No one wants a clean-ish washer

How to Clean a Dishwasher

Bet you didn't think you had to clean it yourself.

Show me
Don’t just sit there.

So you've got a clogged toilet.
Now what?

The best way to unclog a toilet is to plunge right in.

Let's go!
Pour some science down the drain

Do baking soda and vinegar solutions clear clogs?

Is the science behind Baking Soda & Vinegar solution as powerful as Liquid-Plumr®?

Show me the science
Breathe a sigh of relief

How to Unstink Your Drain

No, it’s not supposed to smell like that — but we can help. Ready to rescue your drain?

Stop the Smell
For leftovers in your drain

How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Food not going down easy? We can help.

Fight the Clog
High-resolution living

How to Make Great New Year’s Resolutions

Keep your drains as clear as your conscience by next New Year’s.

Resolve right
Maybe It Can Wait, Maybe It Can't

How to Know You've Got an Urgent Problem

So, how do you know which problems are urgent?

Go With the Flow