Drain Tips & Hacks

Drain it yourself

You’re home alone and you hear a sound coming from the basement, you travel downstairs to learn more. What you find wasn’t what you expected.

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When everything is on the line, you can’t let a back-up block your well-laid plans.

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Your drain isn't a soap opera. Use Hair Clog Eliminator.

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Love is in the air for this pooch! Our most romantic video yet follows a canine on Valentine’s Day.

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It's time to bring in the real heavy hitter.

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High-resolution living

How to Make Great New Year’s Resolutions

Keep your drains as clear as your conscience by next New Year’s.

Resolve right
Get a head full of facts about busting hair clogs

How to Deal with Hair Clogs

Here’s the bad news: if your body’s got hair on it, that hair’s going into your drain.

Confront the Clogs
Maybe It Can Wait, Maybe It Can't

How to Know You've Got an Urgent Problem

So, how do you know which problems are urgent?

Go With the Flow
Meet Our Family

To Get Ready for Yours

Are you ready for the holidays? Are you ready for … your family?

Get Ready
You don't always have to DIY

How to Know When to Leave It to the Pros

Here are a few questions to ask before you call in the pros

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