Avoid a Hairy Situation

How to Wash Pets Without Clogging the Drain

Tip 1: Regular grooming

Not only does regular grooming keep shedding fur off your furniture, it removes dirt and spreads natural oils that keep your dog’s skin clear. Plus, most dogs love it: it’s like you’re petting them with thousands of tiny metal fingers (which is a lot less creepy than it sounds). Grooming also helps cats, but they’re not usually quite as into it.

Tip 2: Know your pets’ shedding seasons

Dogs from cold, wet climates grow a natural coat during the winter months, losing it when things warm up. And just like kids, they leave their coats everywhere. The same is true of outdoor cats, who adapt to the weather. Knowing when your pet sheds its undercoat means you can be ready to pick up after them, one hair at a time.

Tip 3: The bath!

The time has come, and you aren’t looking forward to it any more than Fido/Feline. For dogs, give them a thorough brushing before the bath. Then, spray them until they’re totally wet and gently massage the shampoo into their fur. Rinse thoroughly and then towel dry. (Then watch them dry themselves with that crazy shaking thing they do.) For cats, just add a few extra steps, like cotton balls for their ears and generally be extra careful. Now about that hair clog…

Tip 4: Clear the drain

Despite your best efforts, there might still be enough hair in your drain to make a second pet. So use Liquid-Plumr® Hair Clog Eliminator™, to get that hair out of the drain and get back to what you wanted to do the whole time: playing with your best friend.

Bonus Tip: Buy a hairless pet

If you’re more committed to unclogged drains than to furry friends, you can always pick up a hairless pet, like an American Hairless Terrier or a Sphynx cat. Sure, they’re not as cuddly, but you’ll never have to yank a hairball out of the drain again.

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