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How to Unclog a Garbage Disposal

Food not going down easy? We can help. Here’s how to unclog your kitchen sink and garbage disposal:

Step 1: Take the Plunge

If water isn’t draining at your garbage disposal drain, use a kitchen plunger (different than a toilet one) to dislodge debris. First, tighten a clamp over the rubber part of the drain line to your dishwasher (found under your sink). Then, place a plunger over the clogged sink drain and fill with water (3–4 inches). Hold a wet rag over the adjacent drain. Plunge vigorously for several minutes.

Step 2: Clean & Refresh

For a deep clean in your disposal use Liquid-Plumr® Disposal & Drain Cleaner. Just drop one quick-dissolving pack into your disposal for a clear drain with a fresh, citrus scent.

Step 3: Fight It Full On

You can also destroy clogs in one fell swoop by using Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer™. The powerful formula cuts through standing water to dissolve clogs, clear your drain walls and eliminate odors. Use as directed.

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