Get a head full of facts about busting hair clogs

How to Deal with Hair Clogs

Here’s the bad news: if your body’s got hair on it, that hair’s going into your drain. And some of it’s staying there. Together. In a disgusting hairball.

Now the good news. No matter what you’re unclogging, whose hair’s clogging it or whether you’re using Liquid-Plumr® or plain old vinegar and baking soda, we’ve got your back. Because hair’s not the only thing that sticks together.


We’ve all experienced a slow-draining sink in the morning, just when you’ve got the least time to deal with it and the most gunk to put down it. But with these sink-clearing tips you’ll be ready to face the day.


Every time you bathe or shower, you’re sending hundreds of hairs down the drain, so it’s no surprise when you find yourself standing in a pool of slow-draining water. But follow these steps for how to get hair out of a bathtub drain and you’ll be able to wash those hairs away, too.


Sure, moustaches get a lot of attention in November, but if you’ve got facial hair it’s clogging your sink year-round. Know your enemy with these important (and weird) shaving facts.

Long Hair

Even if your face is smooth, the hair on your head is going to make your life rough. And as The Girls With Glasses sing in “Big Hair Baby”, it’s a battle we’ve been fighting throughout history.

Dog Hair

Humans aren’t the only ones in your house making your drains roll over and play dead. But if you’d rather spend your time playing with your pet instead of her hairballs, learn about how to keep Fido’s fur out of your pipes.

But at the end of the day, if you don’t care about where that hair came from and you’re not up for making a baking soda volcano in your drain, get out the big guns with Liquid-Plumr® Hair Clog Eliminator and clear your drain in 15 minutes for an easy way to get hair out of the drain without a snake. It’s hair today, gone tomorrow.

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