Housekeeping (& drain) tips
you’ll give thanks for

Be ready for
holiday guests

The holiday season is a wonderful time to bring all your friends and family together. It’s a time for sharing, laughing, eating and cleaning up. That last one being the least fun. Want to set the scene for clean early on? Here’s your holiday prep guide:


After you’ve given your bathrooms a good clean, make sure you’re fully stocked with guest toiletries: toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, shampoos, soaps, razors and shaving cream are a great place to start. Also, check that your sink and tub are draining quickly and smelling clean — failure is not an option once a full house of people starts putting them to the test.

Need to spiff up your drain before the get-together? Well, if you’re just refreshing a slow-moving drain, consider using Liquid-Plumr® Clog Destroyer Plus+ Foaming Clog Fighter™. Otherwise, use Liquid-Plumr® Clog Destroyer Plus+ PipeGuard™ to power through your bathroom drains.



Keep bedroom closets clutter-free and consider providing extra storage, like an under-the-bed clothes organizer. Next, print out a list of helpful household information like emergency contact numbers and your Wi-Fi password. Friends don’t leave friends without Internet access.



Beyond the usual holiday trimmings for your big feast, make sure your fridge is stocked for your guests’ breakfast, lunch and snacking needs. You should also consider refreshing your garbage disposal with Liquid-Plumr® Clog Destroyer Gel with Lemon. Next to your guests it could be the one eating the most holiday grub!

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