Is Your Flow in Slo Mo?

How to Fix a Slow Draining Kitchen or Bathroom Drain

Enough wading. It’s time to tackle that slow draining tub or slow draining sink right now! Here’s how to fix a slow drain:

Step 1: Let it go

Let the water drain completely. If you’re in your bathtub or shower, this article will help you tackle tub drains clogs: How to Unclog Your Bathtub.

Step 2: Check the p-trap

For a kitchen or bathroom sink draining slowly, check the p-trap for a clog. This article will show you how in detail: Might Be a Toy.

Step 3: Clean the drainpipe

If there’s no blockage in your p-trap, then the clog could be higher up the drainpipe. Try using a drain snake or a stick to clear it from above your sink. To do this, you’ll need to remove the stopper first. Here’s how:

  1. Remove the drain stopper from under the sink.
  2. Remove drain gunk with a stick or a snake.
  3. Clean and re-install the stopper.

Step 4: Let the foam roam

Another way to remove the blockage in your slow draining kitchen sink is to use Liquid-Plumr® Foaming Clog Fighter™. The dual formula cleans and clears pipes with a blockage busting foam to eliminate clogs. Use as directed.

Also check out: Liquid-Plumr® vs. Baking Soda & Vinegar Solution

After these steps, you’ll be back in business with a drain that actually drains — which is clearly awesome.

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