Going on a Treasure Hunt

How to Get a Ring Out of the Drain

Skydiving, half-pipe skateboarding, tightrope walking — there’s no greater thrill. Unless you’ve dropped a ring in the sink, that is. Don’t panic. Here’s how to fish out a ring:

Step 1: Turn off the water!

Don’t go running for a fishing rod and tackle just yet. Quickly turn off the tap if it’s still running or you could wash your ring into the abyss.

Step 2: P is for “Phewf!”

The P-trap under your sink may have kept your ring closer than you thought. By removing the P-trap you may find your ring inside. Consider seeking professional advice if needed.

Toy stuck in the P-trap? Also see: Might Be a Toy.

Step 3: Never again

Make a vow to hold on to your jewelry, and for cleaner pipes. Then, regularly pour Liquid-Plumr® Maintenance® in your drains every month to help prevent clogs and gunk build up — it can get pretty nasty. Use as directed.

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