Essential Toilet Tips

What Not to Flush Down the Toilet

When you’re a kid, toilets are magic portals that transport objects to another dimension. Wait, you still think that? Here’s a list of 10 things you need to stop flushing down your toilet. And remember: Because of Liquid-Plumr®’s powerful chemical components, it’s not a great solution for toilet clogs (especially the following):

1. Diapers

Sure, the stuff inside the diaper makes sense. But the whole diaper? Not a good choice. Place that in your diaper bin.

2. Oils & Fats

Arteries aren’t the only things that can get clogged. Oils & fats eventually clog our pipes, too. So instead of pouring them in the sink, strain and reuse them or store them in a container to dispose of.

3. Feminine Products

ICan you flush tampons? No. Can you flush pads? No. If it’s designed to be super absorbent, it’s probably not great to put in the toilet. Even if some items make us “flush” — we shouldn’t be flushing them.

4. Wipes and Towels

Ironically, many wipes labeled “flushable” have been found to cause major clogs in cities around the world. Sure, they’re convenient, but they can wreak havoc in our pipes and sewers. Best to throw these, and paper towels, in the trash.

5. Medicine

Medicine can help us recover, but it creates ills for wildlife when it gets into our water supply in large amounts. Instead, try disposing of it safely in childproof containers, when trash day is near.

6. Hair

You might be game for cutting your own hair, but flushing it down the drain is not a good look. Hair can act as a net, catching other waste as it goes down, potentially creating big blockages.

7. Paint

Paint can be a pain when it’s poured down the drain, potentially harming the local water supply. Try to recycle paint instead at participating stores, or dropping off cans at hazardous waste facilities. That being said, washing off your brushes in the sink should be fine.

8. Rubber

Items such as rubber gloves & condoms aren’t designed to break down. Putting them in the toilet means you’re risking a clog.

9. Toys

They think it’s gone. You know it’s stuck. Try to teach kids to keep objects out of the toilet, and keep the cover closed whenever possible!

10. Massive Amounts of Toilet Paper

Toilet paper is good to flush — just not the whole roll at once. Not unlike most things in life, moderation is key.

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