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How To Spring Clean Your Drains

The gutters are clean, the windows are shimmering, and your third grade macaroni necklace collection is organized — But how are your drains doing? A house isn’t spic and span until you tackle the sewer smell in the bathroom and give that drippy faucet some love.

Here are some spring cleaning tips to keep faucets and drains in tip top shape for spring:

Tip 1: Spring a leak?

If you’ve got a leaky faucet, don’t leave it until next spring. It may be easy with the right materials; check with a local hardware store and channel your inner plumber. It could save you money in the long run.


Tip 2: Clear all clogs

Have your drains been slow since Christmas? You’ll need a drain cleaner. Pouring Liquid-Plumr® Foaming Clog Fighter™ in your home’s drains should do the trick. Or, to quell the clog even faster, the best drain cleaner is Liquid-Plumr® Urgent Clear®. Use as directed. Read our DIY article on How To Unclog Your Sink to learn more.

Spring Drain Cleaning

Tip 3: Maintain your drain

For clear drains that smell fresh all spring, pour Liquid-Plumr® Maintenance® in your drain monthly. Cleaning and refreshing your drains on a regular basis will help keep them deodorized.

Spring Drain Cleaning
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