How ’bout a drain check?

How to Unclog a Sink

A drain has one job. And when it isn’t doing it, you notice pretty quickly. Here’s how to unclog a drain:

Step 1: Clear the sink

Remove (bail) the water out of your sink. Place the water that won’t drain in a bucket, as well as anything else lingering in the bowl.

Step 2: Remove the strainer & stopper

Carefully remove sink stoppers and strainers from your drain. If you’re removing screws, make sure they don’t fall down the drain. If you need to remove stopper parts from under the sink, keep a bucket underneath the pipes.


Step 3: De-gunk it

Remove gunk from stoppers and strainers. Run water to flush down remaining material and to test flow.

Step 4: Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer

For stubborn clogs and smelly drains, you’ll need a powerful drain cleaner. Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer™ uses a thick gel formula that powers through the toughest clogs. Pour 2 cups down the drain – or the entire bottle, if the clog is super tough.


Step 5: Prevent future clogs

Put your hand over your heart and say, “I will not put grease and coffee grounds down my sink”. Then, pour Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer™ in your drain monthly, for the freshest possible sink drains. Use as directed.

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