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How to Unstink Your Drain

When it comes to a smelly drain, lighting a match won’t help, nor will spraying that fragrant potpourri stuff in the air. No, for a stinky drain, you’ll need to go deeper to eliminate odors.

Step 1: Fill it up

If the smell is coming from a sink that is rarely used, flush your drain to ensure your p-trap is filled with water. When filled, the p-trap creates an airtight seal between you and obnoxious sewer smells — which is its job.

Step 2: Get dirty

If a slow-moving drain accompanies an unpleasant smell, you may have a clog in your p-trap. Learn how to clear the p-trap in our article: How to Unclog a Sink.

Step 3: Fight it full on

To clear your clog and leave a pleasant scent behind, use Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer™. Pour two cups down the drain (or the entire bottle for tough clogs) and let sit for 15 minutes. Use as directed.

Step 4: Sewer smell

If you’ve got sewer smell in the bathroom after trying these steps, the problem could be a blocked air vent. That means stinky smells aren’t leaving your home. Professional assistance may be required.

Notice a shower drain smell? Check out our How to Unclog a Bathtub.

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