Bring it on, bacon grease

International Bacon Day

Celebrate International Bacon Day with Liquid-Plumr


International Bacon Day takes the food holiday spotlight on August 31st this year, and we’re so excited for the delicious hysteria! 24 hours of bacon consumption, bacon costume parties, Kevin Bacon movie marathons — the list goes on.

But we’re also fully prepped for the aftermath. Because we know that, behind closed doors, not everyone is keeping that precious bacon grease out of their pipes. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal*, plumbers had to unclog nearly 211,000 kitchen sinks in 2017, costing American homeowners over $30 million.

So when a day of bacon celebration finds your pipes clogged (we won’t point fingers!), don’t call a plumber — get Liquid-Plumr®. Because eating bacon-wrapped jalapeños with a bacon-infused cocktail is much more important than worrying about your pipes.

Pouring large amounts of grease down the drain is not recommended. But we know sometimes some grease ends up down the drain. Be sure to keep Liquid-Plumr® on hand in case Bacon Day turns into Clog Day — and get this $1 off coupon now.


* Lara Korte. “Everyone Pours Bacon Fat Down the Drain, Everyone Lies About It,” Wall Street Journal 8 Aug 2018.

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