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How to Maintain Your Drain

Never underestimate the importance of keeping your drains clear. Sure, you can always learn to unclog a bathtub, sink or toilet, but wouldn’t you rather keep your drains clear in the first place?

Here are a few simple tips to keep your drains clean and clear.

Tip 1: Keep your drains fat-free

Pouring oils, grease (mmm… bacon) and other fats down your drains is one of the worst things you can do to your pipes, and yet millions of people pour millions of gallons of the stuff into the sink. Instead, pour oils and fats into disposable containers before throwing them away. You’ll be doing your drains a solid by not letting any solids form. Don’t think a little grease will make a difference? Around the world, coagulated fat has formed “fatbergs,” some of which are so big they’ve needed cranes to get them out.)

Tip 2: Improve your grounds game

Coffee might keep you moving, but coffee grounds slow your drain down. The grounds get soggy before hardening, just like how grease coagulates. So while some people think a scattering of grounds can freshen a drain, it’s ultimately not a good idea.

Tip 3: Run hot

Many clogs form because the gunk they’re made of moves quickly when it’s warm but slowly when it cools. So turn up the heat and keep things moving with hot water after you’ve used your drain. Also consider pouring boiling water down the drain on a regular basis, just to keep that drain on its toes… (Seriously, it’s a good idea.)

Tip 4: Avoid big chunks…of anything

Like a multi-car pileup, once a single chunk of garbage gets stuck in your drain it can lead to a cascading blockage. So avoid letting fibrous materials like cornhusks, bones and other kitchen waste go down your drain. It’s a little solution to a big problem.

Tip 5: Use a screen or drain-grate

One of the easiest ways to make sure that no extra gunk makes its way into your drain is to put a screen in your kitchen sink. They’re easy to clean and they make sure that nothing larger than the drain-grate passes into your pipes. Really, they’re grate.

Tip 6: Dissolve

When all else fails, Liquid-Plumr® Foaming Clog Fighter™ can dissolve the most difficult clogs. Go on, take it easy; doing extra chores is too draining.

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