Don't Feel Guilty

Even Internet Celebrities
Clog the Drains

You need to look pretty guilty to rack up over 42 million views on YouTube, but there’s a reason Denver the Guilty Dog has the guiltiest face on the internet: she’s always getting into trouble (usually the messy kind). That means bath time.

Sure, she’d rather wash off in the creek, but when it’s time to get Denver gunk-free, she’s got to go into the tub. Which means all of Denver’s hair is about to go down the drain. And stay there.

Dogs Come Clean

Your dogs might not be internet celebrities (yet!), but their hair still tries to hog the spotlight by making drama in your bathroom. Good thing Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer™ is there to take the guilt out of hair clogs.

Go on, let your dog off the hook this time. At least there’s one thing that’s not his fault.

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