The Girls with Glasses

Big Hair, Big Clog
No Big Deal

“All the hair has to go somewhere, but we’ve got a fix that we can take with us anywhere.”

The Girls With Glasses know what’s up, and what’s not going down the drain – all that big hair! Brush up on your bouffant and beehive, and travel through time with The Girls With Glasses’ funny new song “Big Hair Baby.”

Big Hair Baby

Who cares how you wear your hair! Tease it up, tie it back, or let it loose – but whatever big hairstyle you decide to try, it’s likely to end up down the drain. There’s no need for that mane to be a strain on your drain. Liquid-Plumr® Full Clog Destroyer® clears those hair clogs, letting you spent more time in front of the mirror! Need a bit of hair help? Here’s a how-to for when your do ends up clogging the drain.

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